Apologies for leaving it so late to tell everyone about the arrangements for the Autumn term of the Choral Society in 2021. Throughout the pandemic, regulations and advice have been changing at frequent intervals making the process of forward planning very difficult. Consequently the members of the Committee have left it as late as possible to make a decision on the future.

After much consideration and heart-searching, we have decided that restarting rehearsals of the Choral Society this September would not be wise, and so, reluctantly, we will defer the decision on restarting at least until Easter 2022. Of course, what happens then depends on the prevailing situation regarding Covid.

Please stay in touch, and if everything is in our favour, the Choral Society will meet again in the not-too-distant future. Sooner or later, the pandemic has to stop or at least come under control.

St Asaph Choral Society is a registered charity whose aim is to enjoy singing and performing both sacred and secular music.  New members are always welcome. There are no age restrictions on joining the choir and an audition is not required.