The Childhood of Christ – Alto

In the sections below, the audio player is in the left-hand column. The button in the right-hand column will download the mp3 file to your computer ‘downloads’ folder. If there are distinct sections to the track, they will be found under the player button – the values are in minutes and seconds. Hover your mouse cursor on the audio player progress bar and move the position until the start time of the section is found, then left click and click on the play icon.

A PDF copy of the score can be found here.

Where page numbers and rehearsal marks are mentioned below for context, they refer to the Breitkopf & Hartel edition (behind the link to the score above).

Starts at score page 56, rehearsal mark 33. Ends at score page 64. Soprano and Alto only.

Key Sections

Rehearsal Mark 33 : Play from 00:00
Rehearsal Mark 34 : Play from 01:24
Rehearsal Mark 35 : Play from 02:08
Rehearsal Mark 36 : Play from 02:50

Starts at score page 70, no convenient rehearsal mark. Ends at score page 77. Full Choir.

Key Sections

Rehearsal Mark 44 : Play from 00:43
Rehearsal Mark 45 : Play from 01:34

AKA “At the Wayside”. Starts and finishes at score page 84, six bars before the end of the narrator part. Soprano and Alto only.

Starts at score page 107 with a lead-in of three bars before the choir entry. The first section ends at score page 116. There is a pause before the second section, starting at the bottom of page 122 with a lead-in of three bars before the choir entry. Ends at the bottom of page 124 of the score. Full Choir. NB in the first section, each choir voice has a part in 6/4 sung against the other voices on 4/4. This is beyond the scope of the software used to produce this track so what you hear is an approximation using triplets for the 6/4 parts

Key Sections

Rehearsal Mark 68 : Play from 00:28
Rehearsal Mark 69 : Play from 03:06
Rehearsal Mark 70 : Play from 03:35
Rehearsal Mark 74 : Play from 04:20

Starts at score page 133, rehearsal mark 78. Three and a bit bars lead-in from Mary and Joseph. Ends at score page 145. Full Choir.

Key Sections

Rehearsal Mark 78 : Play from 00:00
Rehearsal Mark 79 : Play from 01:04
Rehearsal Mark 80 : Play from 02:09

Starts at score page 149, lead-in two bars before the start of the chorus. Ends at end of score. Full Choir.

Key Sections

Rehearsal Mark 82 : Play from 01:58

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