Who’s Who

Graham Eccles – Conductor
John Hosking – Accompianist
Linda Butlin – Chair
Rita Thomas – Hon. Secretary
Ian Lowe – Treasurer
Gill Barnett – Librarian
Maggie Towse – Membership Secretary
Sandy Phillips – Soprano rep
Mair Dowell – Alto rep
Tony Willis-Culpitt – Tenor rep
Peter Wykes – Bass rep
Paul Hicks – Publicity Officer
Chris Wykes – Fundraiser


Graham EcclesGraham has accompanied and directed choirs for most of his working life, although directing choral societies usually with orchestral accompaniment is a slightly more recent aspect of his work.  He has a love of this type of music where one can often get really stuck in and swept along with a big sense of occasion and an eclectic choice of repertoire has been used in the concerts he has done.
From Bach and Handel through Haydn and Mozart, and the Romantics Mendelssohn, Vaughan Williams, Berlioz, Fauré and up to living composers Rutter, Jenkins and ones with local connections such  as John Hosking, of course as well as Patrick Larley.  He hopes his enthusiasm for these sorts of pieces comes across at our concerts and that St Asaph Choral Society is still flourishing in its next half-century.


John HoskingJohn is the Accompanist of the St. Asaph Choral Society, Assistant Director of Music at St. Asaph Cathedral and a composer with the Chichester Music Press.





As Chair of the society my main task is to ensure that our members are well informed about the formal items that as a choir we need to address.  I find immense pleasure in singing with a most gifted and professional group of amateur singers.







As Honary Secretary for the last 25 years I am the one with ALL the answers!







As Treasurer I am responsible for the finances of the Society. This entails banking of receipts, payment of bills and the  subsequent keeping of account books. At the end of the Society’s financial year, an audited financial statement of accounts is prepared for submission to the AGM.






Librarian. I am the little dark one who arranges the loan of music and gives out the scores!







Membership secretary, leaflet distributor and general factotum!








My family has always been involved in music.  I sang in church choirs until the age of 21, when I stated my nursing career.   Sadly, the unsocial hours made it very difficult for me to commit to regular singing.  Recently I have taken early retirement from District Nursing, which has allowed me the opportunity to return to my love of singing.  I have been a member of St Asaph Choral Society for two years and absolutely love it.  The members are very friendly and welcoming. As Soprano representative, I hope to welcome and encourage new members to our choir.









I cannot remember a time when music was not a big part of my life. My Father was conductor of various choirs and there was someone in the house almost every day for my Father to ‘teach’ them singing. I joined St. Asaph Choral Society in 1995 and since then have had the opportunity of singing so many wonderful choral works.  I am the Alto representative.





My musical exposure started at school and I played cello in the Reading Youth Orchestra.  As I pursued science/maths, music was very much as a sideline. This was  worsened by my career in IT!  I promised myself that I would make up for lost time on retirement.  I run the “folk” group at St. David’s Church, Pantasaph, but didn’t really rate myself as a singer (some may say still not…) until the John Hosking Requiem in 2014.  That experience really did something special for me.  I am the Tenor representative.




I was persuaded to join the society three years ago, having not been in a choir since I was a boy in school.  I have always enjoyed singing, though for many years it has been confined to singing the liturgy and hymns in church.  Recently I have retired from the ministry and from medicine, and once again have more time to indulge in my love of music.  I am representative for the Bass section.






Although I now work in Mental Health, I use my former experience of working for a local newspaper in my role as Publicity Officer for the choir, writing press releases and contacting our local papers to let them know about forthcoming concerts.






I’m a relatively new member of the Choral Society although I was a member years ago when Graham Elliott was conductor. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic amateur.! My husband Peter has recently joined the choir too. My official job on the committee is fundraiser.



“Being a member of a choir is beneficial in so many ways – you meet new people, you become involved in social events, it has a calming effect on your heart and apart from paying the annual subscription fee, where else would you get free voice tuition from brilliant musicians.? It is a privilege to sing in St. Asaph Cathedral which has wonderful acoustics. A world without music would be so very sad wouldn’t it?”