Rehearse Current Works

You can click on the links below to access recordings of works that are currently in rehearsal.


Here are links to this session’s rehearsal tracks: Schubert Mass in E flat, Mendelssohn Come Let us Sing & Mendelssohn Hear my Prayer.

As with previous sets of music, there are several different ways to play the tracks to suit your computer or CD player.  Please note that I have had to divide up the Gloria and Credo because of limits of file size.  Firstly, for Apple (and possibly Android – not tested) tablets and phones, laptops, desktops and other “conventional” computers, the most useful source is  This is an on-line player and all you need is a browser (Firefox, Chrome, MS Edge, Safari etc.)  Click on the track you want to play and the score will appear.  To the top right of the score is a button to change the display to full screen, and, under a set of three vertical dots, options to alter the display, alter tempo and loop around particular sections.  When the music is playing, the score scrolls to show where you are.  There is also a “mixer” option to alter the volume:  Please do not use this at the moment, there appears to be a problem with this option.

To find the music, click on the following URL, and then click on the link to the voice part you want to play:

If you wish to download the rehearsal tracks to store and play them locally on your machine the link can be found here:

For tracks that are just like a CD, go to the “MP3 Files” directory.  There you will find music covering all voices, and for each SATB emphasised.

If you have software that can load and play .midi files, download from the “Midi Files” directory. These files are compatible with software such as NoteWorthy Composer,  Sibelius and Windows Media Player.

The files in the “MusicXML Files” folder need a player installed on your machine, such as “TEFView” it is available from

The files in the “MuseScore Files” folder need MuseScore Songbook installed – available free for Apple tablets/phones, Android tablets, laptops and desktop computers at .  You can use the mixer option here, as well as all of the other options mentioned above.  Once you have downloaded the Songbook, connect to the files using the “dropbox” link above, move to the MuseScore files directory then the track that you want.  Tap on the “download” button and select the option to “Open In” the MuseScore Songbook app.

If you require a Audio CD of the rehearsal tracks please order a copy at rehearsal with Linda.  CDs cost £2 each, please give your name and voice when ordering.  The CDs will be a once-only production and will not be updated later if there are any changes.

If you require assistance or find any errors in the tracks please email or speak to Tony at rehearsal.